Rich Spratt
Rich SprattChief Executive Officer
Rich joined MOTIS in 2018 and is responsible for leading and managing each division of MOTIS Brands, along with executing growth and expansion strategies. Two of his ever-present goals include creating a high-performance culture and clearly-defined vision that ensures profitable growth and meaningful contributions to customers and employees.
Kurt Kappeler
Kurt KappelerChief Financial Officer
With over 20 years of leadership experience, Kurt joined MOTIS in 2022. In addition to incorporating his rich experience in scaling operations, leading operations and developing best-in-class processes, he heads up financial operations for all branches.
David Buslee
David BusleeDirector, Strategic Projects
David has been with MOTIS since 2018, and works tirelessly to ensure smooth financial operation for all branches as well as executing growth and expansion strategies. His goal is to provide accurate and timely information to all the stakeholders and analysis of prior and future performance.
Eric Grunewald
Eric GrunewaldChief Marketing & Merchandising Officer
Eric joined MOTIS in 2014 with a rich history in multi-channel marketing, merchandising and creative services leadership. He is responsible for developing and implementing marketing, merchandising and sourcing strategies, developing the annual and expense budgets for all selling channels, and ensuring smooth operation between all departments.
Bob Krolski
Bob Krolski Director of New Product Development/Domestic Sourcing
Bob has been a key part of this organization since 2003. He leads our engineers to accelerate new product development with both internal and external manufacturing resources.
Renee Privatt
Renee PrivattDirector of Merchandising & Planning
Renee has been with MOTIS since 2017, and is responsible for leading the merchandising team in developing assortment strategies, managing site merchandising from product creation to promotion in order to maximize sales, as well as inventory management.